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2019년 미국 뉴올리안즈 ISHR(세계수사학사) 학술대회 공지

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트위터 페이스북
2019년 미국 뉴올리안즈에서 열리는 세계수사학사 학술 대회에 참여 신청을 받습니다.
신청 마감은 2018년 5월 11일입니다. 주제는"Populism" 입니다. 우리 정치 문화와도 무관하지 않는 주제라 많은 회원님들이 관심을 가질 것으로 사료됩니다.이에 학회 회원님들께 공지하오니, 많은 관심과 참여를 부탁드립니다.


총무이사 안성재 드림.

--------- 원본 메일 ---------
보낸사람 : <info@ishr-web.org>
받는사람 : <numeniu@snu.ac.kr>
받은날짜 : 2017-12-20 (수) 08:40:06
제목 : ISHR 2019 Conference - Call for Papers
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ISHR Conference e-bulletin
December 19, 2017
I am pleased to announce that the Call for Papers for the 2019 conference for the International Society for the History of Rhetoric has been posted on the ISHR conference website:  
http://www.ishr-conference.org/ as well as on the main ISHR website:  
http://ishr-web.org/aws/ISHR/pt/sp/conference, including links to the CFP in the other official conference languages as well as to the proposal submission page. The deadline for submission is 11 May 2018. 
Please CLICK HERE to access the submission website directly.
The 2019 conference theme is “populism,” certainly a timely topic intimately connected to rhetoric from ancient times until today. The conference will be held in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, at the Hotel Monteleone, possibly New Orleans’ most celebrated hotel. New Orleans is a major tourist destination and is serviced by most major airlines. In summer there are now non-stop flights from London and others will possibly be available by 2019. More travel and lodging information will be on the ISHR site as we get closer to the conference. 
To be sure your submission is registered completely by our conference software, please be careful about a few steps. First, make sure to wait a short time after hitting the “submit” button. You should receive a confirmation quickly, both as a confirmation window which pops up on your screen and as a confirmation e-mail. Problems in submission can also be caused by proposals which are longer than the maximum 300 words and by required fields on the submission form which are not filled out. If you still have problems, please contact me (enmric@lsu.edu ) , Bé Breij (Chair of the Program Committee, b.breij@let.ru.nl )  or Kathie Cesa, (ISHR Member Services,ishr@kocmemberservices.com). Special thanks to Past President Manfred Kraus and his technicians in Germany who have maintained and upgraded the submission software. 
Look forward to seeing you in New Orleans in 2019, and have a restful and festive holiday season this year! 
Best wishes, 
Malcolm Richardson
President, International Society for the History of Rhetoric
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40 Prospect Park West; New York NY 11215 Phone: (614) 392-1558 Email: Info@ishr-web.org
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